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Hello and Thank You for visiting our Online Gallery.

On this site you will find an exciting range of modern and traditional Australian art for sale.

Paintings for sale include paintings by artist Pro Hart - Jack Absalom - Kevin Best - John Vander - Max Mannix - Werner Filipich - Otto Kuster - Gary Myers - Ian Hansen - John Dynon – Paul Margocsy - Les Graham - James Hough, - David Brayshaw - John Bradley - Ramon Ward Thompson - Bill Ambagtsheer – Brushmen of the bush - Barry McCann - Lucy McCann We also sell sculptures, book and videos from my choice of the "TOP" ARTISTS in Australia today.

441 Paintings for Sale by 29 Artists on this site.

Click On 'Artists' Where you will discover interesting information about each of our Artists Then just click on 'Paintings' To view their current paintings for Sale .

For information and details on our upcoming Exhibitions and Sales of Fine Art click on the EXHIBITIONS LINK

Lay-By is available for all paintings on this site.

Cheryl and I have been bringing you the finest Art from Australia's Top Artists for 33 years and the journey continues.

Phone now to discuss your painting purchase on 02 96423700

check out our NEWSLETTER.
 Springtime reflections - Latin Quarter Paris 
Click to enlarge this Painting title Springtime reflections - Latin Quarter Paris
 A Gentle Stroll PG 82 of new TOP TEN Book 
Click to enlarge this Painting title A Gentle Stroll PG 82 of new TOP TEN Book

This web site furthers our vision of bringing the works of Top Australian Artists for all to see and appreciate. The late Eric Minchin, Founder of that great Australian group the "Brushmen of the Bush", was concerned that many people throughout this Country had never had the opportunity to see Australian art at its best, let alone meet the artists. My 'TOP TEN' philosophy, born 33 years ago, was to bring to the people the most talented artists from around Australia and produce a show that was the very best that this Country had to offer. It would be an opportunity for people to see a full range of each artists work and the artists exhibiting their work would be there meeting the people and discussing their paintings.

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